Complimentary Case Study

Simplify Audit Processes in a Complex IT Landscape
Risk Mining for Audits that Matter
Discover how a multinational corporation, ICL Group, revolutionized their business efficiency and streamlined audit processes with this complimentary case study.

Originating through numerous mergers in the past year, and faced with a complex IT landscape, finance teams at ICL Group were faced with new challenges such as:

  • Data extraction complexity due to multiple financial systems of record originated by numerous mergers in the past years
  • Numerous systems, each with a distinct setup and configuration, resulting in a challenging same-control implementation across systems
  • Inability to perform a full scope audit and rely on sampled data checked against all the controls

Learn how the one simple solution provided an end-to-end technological approach delivering accurate data-driven process by automatically mapping and highlighting blind spots in ICL's business process.

Simplify Audit Processes in a Complex IT Landscape

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