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Prepare Your Audit, Risk, and Compliance Team for SEC ESG Reporting Rules
Face the Growing Demands of ESG Compliance. Download the 2024 ESG Sustainability Guide

As the level of scrutiny over sustainability claims and reporting continues to intensify in 2024, organizations must prepare to assure their ESG reporting data is accurate and reliable. This will involve identifying and engaging the right individuals and teams to lead reporting efforts, prioritizing ESG efforts by materiality, integrating ESG into the business’s overall enterprise risk management strategy, and preparing the business for ESG audits.

This in-depth guide, curated by AuditBoard’s team of ESG and sustainability experts, covers how audit, risk, and compliance teams can begin to tackle these efforts and prepare their organizations to confidently face the growing demands of ESG compliance and assurance.

Get your copy to learn about:

  • Current and upcoming ESG regulations, frameworks, and standards, including detailed tables and annotations by single versus double materiality.
  • Best practices for integrating ESG controls into your existing audit and risk processes.
  • Additional resources including a sample organizational chart, sample materiality matrix, technology assessment checklist, and more.
Prepare Your Audit, Risk, and Compliance Team for SEC ESG Reporting Rules

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