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2024 Focus on the Future Report
Internal Audit Forecast, A Richard Chambers Report
Organizational capacity to manage risk is not keeping pace with today’s chaotic risk environment, creating a growing gap between risk management capacity and the fast-evolving landscape of risk demands.

AuditBoard’s 2024 Focus on the Future survey of more than 450 internal audit leaders signals that auditors may be underestimating key risks and misaligning audit efforts.

The 2024 Focus on the Future: Widening Risk Exposure Gap Demands Internal Audit Transformation report looks at current trends with a view on helping the profession better understand and manage today’s unprecedented risk landscape, including:

  • Top-ranked risks for 2024, including cybersecurity, regulatory changes, and more.
  • Top areas of expected audit coverage, such as focus areas and potential misalignment.
  • Talent and budget forecasts that signal a general optimism at odds with continuing macroeconomic uncertainty.
  • Forward-thinking auditor tips and transformation opportunities for enhancing risk identification, and more.
2024 Focus on the Future Report

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